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A Fashionable Guide To Men's Clothing

It is hard to keep up with trends when it comes to fashion. What might be fashionable today could very much be out of favour tomorrow. However, men's clothing is more than just about fashion. It's about practicality. It's about what look suits each different body type, and it's also about comfort. When you have a keen interest in men's clothing, but you don't know where to start to improve your wardrobe, then the blog posts on this website are designed for you. You can learn how to mix and match the clothing in your wardrobe to make a stylish statement without breaking your budget.



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Top Business Suit Maintenance Tips

Business suits are a fashion statement, which might explain why they cost a lot, especially for bespoke designs. The attires look sharp and elegant, and you can easily tie up your look with a few essential accessories, such as a watch or a belt. However, the most important part of owning an expensive business suit is taking care of it. Unfortunately, many people don't understand what it takes to maintain a business suit to remain in pristine condition for longer. This article highlights care tips you must never forget if you own a business suit.

Always Inspect a Suit After Wearing — According to dry cleaning experts, business suits should not be cleaned after every wear. It is mainly the case if you only wear a suit for a couple of hours or weather conditions cause minimal sweating. While you can wash a shirt to remove body odour, a blazer and pants can survive a couple of wears. Notably, washing suits every time weakens their stitching, leading to fast wear. That said, you must always inspect a suit after every wear, even if you suspect nothing. For instance, you can never be too careful with drinks and food stains. Thus, it is easy to miss hidden stains that might spread and change the colour of your suit's fabric while in storage. In this regard, always check your business suits for stains and other types of dirt before hanging them in a wardrobe.

Always Wear a Blazer and Pants Together — An interchangeable wardrobe saves money, allows you to create a unique style and has less clutter since you have more outfit options. However, while there is nothing wrong with interchanging certain fabrics in your wardrobe, you should leave business suits intact. The reason is that all components of a business suit are purchased together. Thus, wearing a blazer more times than the pants causes the former to age faster, making the two look different over time. Therefore, always wear business suits as a unit even if you are a big fan of interchanging and pairing different garments.

Store Business Suits in Original Bags — Business suits come in a special bag designed to help maintain their form. However, a business suit might be placed in an ordinary garment bag and light wire hangers when you take it from a dry cleaner. However, some people leave their suits in standard garment bags to regret later. Notably, the generic bags trap moisture, leading to mildew growth and eventual discolouration. Wire hangers can also leave marks on the shoulders and ruin your suit. The best thing is to transfer a suit to its original garment bag once you take it from a dry cleaner. 

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